Aquatic Therapy

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Aquatic Therapy near Huntington, NY
Aquatic Therapy near Huntington, NY

Aquatic Therapy near Huntington, NY

Whether you are a world-class athlete battling injuries or you have a young child in need of rehabilitation, our physical therapy center will provide you with the highest level of care. At Progressive Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Greenlawn, NY, we offer some of the most advanced rehabilitation techniques, such as our outstanding aquatic therapy.
Progressive Physical Therapy features an on-site SwimEx® Aquatic Therapy system. Similar to the Olympic Flume, this pool can be used for toddlers or training world class athletes as the current, depth, and temperature can be adjusted. This pool has a patented paddlewheel propulsion system which generates a current 0 to 6.8mph. A patient can walk, run, swim or exercise an individual limb, as well as perform explosive plyometric work.
Our aquatic therapy system has eight workstations, offering a multitude of positions in which the patient can be treated, i.e. sitting, standing, lying or kneeling.
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Aquatic therapy is commonly used for:

• Early Rehabilitation Following Surgery or Injury 

• Strength & Endurance Training

• General Relaxation

• Increasing Soft Tissue Extensibility

• Increasing Flexibility Of The Muscles 

• Accelerated Healing

• Increasing Circulation

• Decreasing Pain

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